On, Chairs

India Mahdavi

A chair is a piece of furniture with a raised surface; usually made out of wood, foam, leather, steel and sometimes glass. It is supported by legs and commonly used to seat a person. Chairs have been in existence since the 16th Century, and like most non-living objects, they are created to cater to human needs, specifically the common need to sit.

 Maarten De Ceulaer’s Mutation series

But this hasn’t stopped the makers of chairs from exploring their interest in these special objects. Chairs have created an industry for themselves; people want to make chairs, look at them, touch and feel them. Chairs come in all shapes, forms and sizes; most of which don’t seem to care about fulfilling the original need to sit. There are chairs that look like cotton candy and chairs that look like a kitchen cabinet, overall it is clear chairs have surpassed the need to just sit humans, they have become a work of art in their own right, and occupy a big portion of our space.

These photos explore chairs as the subject, documented in their own space.

Photo @marcomorlacchi. Designed by Martino Gamper

Philippe Hiquily’s 1971 Arm Chair

Oscar Tuazon
Max Lamb
India Mahdavi