Bella Italia, Birmingham

White Plates

Since the conception of color, the color white has carried all kinds of connotations and special references. It has carried symbolic meaning across different parts of our lives; both spiritually and physically. If you look carefully, you’ll notice just how present white is in our day to day, and how we incorporate it into our homes, cars, clothing, businesses etc. But what we find most interesting about the color is how people perceive it and how that has translated into the hospitality business, especially the food business.

White is the lightest color on the wheel and is achromatic, which means it has no hue. This unique feature has turned the color into the perfect canvas for other colors and the perfect display tool for artists. This is why most dinnerware come in the color white and why a lot of restaurant owners are more inclined to sell/serve their food in white plates. 

The experience of eating a meal at a restaurant on a white plate compared to eating the meal on a colored plate or take-away pack is quite different. Because white is synonymous with mental clarity and space, it allows one to fully appreciate the food on their plate. A white plate will give the food an opportunity to sell itself; the colors, smell, texture and even the way the food tastes. So whether you are the one making the food, selling the food, or eating the food, you can’t go wrong with white plates. 

Enjoy our gallery featuring White Plates on our visit to some of our favourite restaurants.


Bab Al Mansour, Dubai


Craft Gourmet, Lagos

Casper & Gambini’s, Lagos

Ivory Grand Hotel, Dubai

Pizza Pino, Dubai